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How can I get Access to the Crypto Tipster Pro Strategy?

You can get Full Access to our Strategy and Alert/Indicator Script by signing up and choosing the Crypto Pro or Pro+ Package. - Once you're a member and have been authorized (within 24hrs), you'll have full access to all our Scripts, Indicators and Strategies available on TradingView. - This includes our Full Crypto Tipster Strategy, with Editable Variables, Fixed SL/TP, Trailing Stops, Heikin Ashi Confirmation Mode and Multi-Time Frame Analysis and Safe Mode amongst others! - Package also includes access to our Members Area, Daily Calendar, e-Mail Updates and Bonus Indicators - with more features coming soon!

Do I Need a TradingView account to use Crypto Tipster?

You don't necessarily require a TradingView account to profit with us - you could rely on our hard work getting the strategy just right, and all you'd need to do is check the Daily Calendar or your e-Mails once per day to see the latest trading tips and messages. - The Crypto Tipster Strategy would work with a free TradingView account perfectly well, but some features relating to Chart Properties, Setting Up Alerts, and various Time Frames are not supported with a free account and require signing up to their premium plans. - If you take your trading seriously, there should be no reason to not go for a Pro Account, which is the cheapest of the premium accounts. - Check out TradingView here:

I'm Getting Buy/Sell Signals Before the Candle has Closed, What Should I Do?

​In order to preserve the reliability of the strategy, it's best to wait until the candle has closed, this is where the strategy takes it's Buy/Sell/Close prices from. - Note** In many cases you'll see you can get-in on a trade at a better than stated price, depending on when you check your e-mails, when you have to trade etc. The truth is, if you can get in at a better price, do it! Our strategy is already hugely profitable and every improvement you can make to it the more you'll be able to gain from it.

I Don't Know Much about Charting Patterns and Indicators, Can I still Trade Successfully?

Once you get the hang of the TradingView chart platform, and have a basic understanding of trading (what it means to be "Long" or Short"/Understanding Stop Loss Placement) it's actually rather simple - and we hold your hand the entire way, guiding you through day by day! - You don't need to have a huge amount of charting or trading knowledge to start trading crypto currencies with the aid of - we've done the leg work, so you can place trades with confidence.

Can I Use The Crypto Tipster Strategy on Time-Frames other than 1D?

Although's Crypto Tipster Strategy for TradingView was designed for and performs best with the 1D Time Frame, it's still based on trading principles such as Market Momentum, Price Oscillators, Volume, Price Action and other Technical Analysis methods. - It is therefore possible to adapt the strategy to suit almost any market with almost any time frame! The market is yours with our proven price analysis methods.

Can you Recommend a good Trading Platform to start with in the Crypto world?

We have used various exchanges in our time, the one that we thought out-performed the rest was Kraken. - Kraken has a vast array of trading pairs available, meaning you could customize and adapt our strategy to suit dozens of crypto currencies. They are also considered safe, storing their currency offline and allowing users 2-Factor Authentication at Log In. - Take a Look at Kraken Here:

How much Money do I need to start Trading Crypto Currencies Successfully?

You may not need as much as you think - as little as a few to several hundred dollars could be enough to realize healthy profits over 12 months, re-invest this for again for12 months and you'll wonder why you didnt start this years ago! - Taking our average profits over the last 12 months, your $1000 could be worth well over $2000 or even $3000 just 12 months later! That's between 100-200% in pure profit - Not a terrible interest rate, right?


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