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If you haven't done so already, now is the time to Join theCrypster. Head over to our Plans page to see what we can offer you.


In order to use our Crypto Tipster v2 Indicator you're also going to need to sign up with our friends over at TradingView - don't worry, it's Free!


TradingView is a superb trading platform, they offer excellent charting tools, with the ability to share charts instantly with custom technical analysis indicators, projections for future results and a reliable back-testing function.


There really is no better place for charting, testing & socializing with like-minded traders.

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Set up the Crypto Tipster v2

Now it's time to add Crypto Tipster v2 to your Tradingview chart, select your preferred exchange, trading pair and timeframe (1D recommended), then navigate to "Add Indicator", find "Crypto Tipster v2" by theCrypster and add this to your chart - See our FAQ for help with this process!

You should already see the potential of Crypto Tipster v2 - picking the highs and lows of the market effortlessly - and you haven't even tuned it to suit your trading needs yet!

Next, you can tweak the settings to better represent your trading style and the markets you aim to be trading on - check out "What's Included" for more info on all the settings involved, how they work and what they do!



Create a Trading Exchange Account

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We find many of our members already have accounts with at least one trading exchange, sometimes more - if you are one of these people and you're happy with your current exchange, you can skip this step!

If you don't already have a trading exchange account we can recommend a few good ones - each with their own merits and distinct features; some have numerous trading pairs for the alt-coin trader, some have slick user interfaces and some have little or even no fee's associated with trading.

It's always best to do your own research into this subject, only you know exactly what you're looking for, but here are our top picks:



Start Trading with Confidence

So, you've joined theCrypster, got set up with Crypto Tipster v2 on Tradingview, tweaked the settings to suit your preferred trading style and created an exchange account with funds to actually place trades - what's next?

You are now set up to start utilizing Crypto Tipster v2 to help you make decisions regarding your crypto trading, we don't know of a better or more helpful indicator on the market - that's why we use this tool ourselves when making trading decisions.

It really is the most helpful indicator in our arsenal of trading tools, it can be trusted and relied upon to provide consistently solid performance; just check some of our reviews out to see what members think!


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Set up Auto-Trading with Wunder Trading


We're still working on this section - check back soon for future updates!

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