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How to Join theCrypster and get Access to Crypto Tipster v2

Updated: Jan 30

Maybe you've already joined theCrypster but don't know how to access our Crypto Tipster v2 indicator on Tradingview, maybe you haven't joined us just yet but are keen to get things started, maybe you're just looking for more information regarding how it all works - let's get some of these questions regarding access answered here.

How Does It All Work?

There's a few points to make in order to understand the basic concept of how it all works, let's go through the sign up process step-by-step.

The first step is to create an account with theCrypster and with Tradingview alike. Our Crypto Tipster v2 Indicator works solely within the Tradingview platform and so an account here is a requirement. Visit to create a free account with them, then head over to our Access page to get your free trial started - you only need to enter a Tradingview username and an eMail to get going!

After you've joined Tradingview and created an account with us it can take up to 24 hours for us to grant you permission to Crypto Tipster v2 within Tradingview, please be patient in this time, you're still guaranteed a trial period of at least 7 days!

Add Crypto Tipster v2 to Tradingview

Once you've got access to Crypto Tipster on your Tradingview account the next step is to create a chart layout and add Crypto Tipster v2 to that chart layout, let's use a few pictures to help us illustrate what were talking about.

Navigate to the menu at the top of any page within Tradingview - you should see a few options, locate the "Products" tab, and click on "Chart"; this will take you to the charting tool where we will be able to add Crypto Tipster v2.

When you've loaded a chart up (any chart will do for the moment on any timeframe) click the "Indicators" tab located at the top of the page.

Here you have a few options, you can either search for "Crypto Tipster v2" or "theCrypster", or check the "Invite Only Scripts" tab where you should find our script.

Some members have been reporting they can't get access even after we've granted them permission, we beleive this is most likely to be a Tradingview server issue as the problem generally seems to resolve after a short period.

So, you've now got Crypto Tipster v2 loaded up on your own chart layout within your Tradingview account - what's next? Well, you're going to need to play with the settings within Crypto Tipster v2 somewhat in order to fully understand how it all works and what it's strengths and limitations are.

Setting Up Crypto Tipster v2

Ultimately, you're going to want to set up Crypto Tipster v2 to suit your preferred trading style, on your preferred chart time frame, with your preferred currency pair(s) - it's entirely up to you as the options are quite literally limitless!

This can take some time and one selection of settings might work really well on one market, and not so good on another - we'd recommend avoiding trying to "overfit" Crypto Tipster v2 into each individual market you're working with. An "overfit" algorithm is inherently designed to make back-testing look awesome, but tends to not perform so good in real-time.

Instead, try and find just one group of settings that work excellently on some markets you want to trade, and perfectly fine or acceptably on others, this will avoid the potential "overfit" problem whilst still providing overall excellent results.

Now We're Ready to Trade!

You are now all set and ready to make some trades. You can use Crypto Tipster v2 as a (pretty useful) guide when locating Buy/Sell signals, you can set up alerts to notify you via email or even SMS when it's time to place trades; or you can even set up your own auto trading bot to handle all the trades for you!

See some of our other guides for further information regarding setting up alerts and/or auto trading bots.


If you require any more help or assistance, or if you have any questions or comments to help improve this article, please get in touch either through, Twitter, Tradingview, on or direct at

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