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How to Integrate WunderTrading

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We'll talk here about how to use Crypto Tipster v2 with WunderTrading, in order to set up your own auto-trading bot to through Tradingview's Alert system to handle trade executions (Buy/Sell/Close) in real-time, automatically!

Sounds a little confusing? Don't worry, it's actually quite simple! Simply follow the steps below and you'll have your own auto-trading bot set up within an hour.

First thing's first.

Let's get you set up with the accounts you'll need.

So, I'm going to assume you've joined theCrypster, and you've received your welcome e-mail explaining that you've been signed up to Crypto Tipster v2 on our TradingView account. That's a great place to start!

If you have't done so already you're certainly going to need to get yourself a TradingView account, in order to set Alerts via Webhook (which we need) you are going to need to get yourself an upgraded Pro, Pro+ or Premium membership with Tradingview.

If you wanted to do us a big favor you could sign up by clicking our affiliate link below, we'd appreciate the love and currently we'd both get a $30 discount on membership! :)

We're also going to need a WunderTrading Account

Head on over to WunderTrading next and let's create an account with these guys - this is the site that will handle the incoming Alert signals from Crypto Tipster v2, and forward them onto your exchange through a connected API, where the trades will ultimately be placed.

Joining WunderTrading is quite straight forward - once you've joined and confirmed your email, log in and you should see a page similar to the one below.

Do you already have a Trading Exchange?

Many of our customers already have at least one trading exchange set up, funded and ready to place trades. Many of our customers do not - it's fine if you haven't. Some of the most popular and trusted exchanges are listed below.

These 4 exchanges have proven themselves over the years to be a safe, secure and user-friendly environment for placing crypto-currency trades, and this is why we love them!


Let's get these accounts linked up!

You've joined theCrypster, Tradingview, WunderTrading and an exchange of your choosing. Let's get these things linked up so they can communicate with each other.

The first piece of information we're going to need to acquire is your API keys from your trading exchange. How to find these API keys varies from one exchange to another, but it's never normally too difficult, a quick browse around the website, or a Google search will reveal how to find your API credentials within your exchange.

You will probably need to set up a new API within your exchange in order to get your keys, this again is quite a simple task, generally speaking you'll need to give the API a name, and access to place trades, cancel trades, manage trades etc. We don't recommend giving an API access to make transfers/withdrawals, however; this is not required and should therefore be safe-guarded against!

Link WunderTrading to your Exchange

Keep your API details written down somewhere safe, you're going to need them and most exchanges remove this information after the intial API set up for security purposes.

Head over to WunderTrading and log in to your account - navigate to "My Exchanges" on the left-hand menu. You should see a page similar to the one shown above. Click the green "Add New" button to create a new API profile link.

Select the exchange you set up your API keys with (note that testnet accounts are not available currently). Give your account a name, something that breifly describes it ('Kraken Daily Swing'), as an example.

Enter your API key and secret, these are case-sensitive and need to match exactly.

Click the "Add" button and you should now have linked your trading exchange to WunderTrading! Good Job!

Now it's time to set up your first bot!

We're getting through the 'to-do' list - the next part of this set up involves actually creating the WunderTrading bot to accept the Alert signals from Tradingview.

Navigate to the "My Bots" page within WunderTrading, and click the "Add New" button to start setting up your first bot.

On this page you'll need to enter some more information, give your bot a name, a description if you feel it necessary and ensure your exchange and API match what you've previously set up.

You're also going to need to select the timeframe that matches what you're using on Tradingview, and ensure the trading pair selected is the pair you're using on Tradingview, so the alerts being sent will match the information given on WunderTrading.

Signal source should be Tradingview. Order Type should be Market orders, given how we're going to be trading longer timeframes the small commission involved with market orders becomes almost irrelevant, we just to get into the trade as soon as possible!

Under "Trading Amount" you have two options, you can either select a pre-defined amount such as 5%, 10% etc, or have the amount sent through from your Tradingview Alert itself, we prefer to use the pre-defined amonut option but the choice is yours.

Finally you'll need to take a look at the Stop Loss and Take Profit settings, you can leave these settings entirely and let Crypto Tipster v2 send alerts to close your trades when required, or if you have an upgraded WunderTrading account you can fill in these details for extra peace of mind.

That's the WunderTrading bot all set up - but don't press the "Create Bot" button just yet, we've got a couple more things to do.

For extra help take a look at the WunderTrading Help Guide.


Let's create some Alerts

The penultimate part of this auto-bot set up process, actually creating the alerts.

We're going to head over to our Tradingview chart in which we want to set up alerts for, and access the settings of Crypto Tipster v2. Make sure you've enabled the first tick box "Show Strategy Layout & Set Alerts".

Scroll down to "WunderTrading Settings" within Crypto Tipster and enter the information given on your WunderTrading "Create Bot" page. "Enter Long", "Exit Long", "Enter Short" and "Exit Short".

Your Crypto Tipster v2 > WunderTrading settings should now look something similar to this:

Press "OK" on these settings to save them and navigate to the "Alerts" button located to the top or right of the chart.

When you bring up the Create New Alert settings it should look something simiilar to this. You're going to need to select "Crypto Tipster v2" as the alert condition, with "Order Fills Only" selected; if you'd like other alert() functions you'll need to set them up in a different (new) alert, this one is just for WunderTrading!

Make sure "Webhook URL" is enabled and enter the URL provided by WunderTrading, currently it's but it may of changed since the creation of this article.

Give your alert a name of your choosing and enter {{strategy.order.comment}} in the Message box, this tells the alert call to send the comment data we included within Crypto Tipster earlier (Enter Long/Exit Long etc).

Click "Create" and you're done here, head back over to WunderTrading for the final few clicks!


Finalize Things

Phew - you've done quite a lot, there's one last thing to do.

Get back on the "Create a Bot" page at WunderTrading, which should be all filled in and set up with correct information. When you click the "Create Bot" button it will ask you if you'd like to make a trade straight away, in most circumstances the answer to this question will be "Yes".

This is due to the fact that Crypto Tipster v2 will almost certainly be involved within a trade when you set this auto-bot up, and if it is mid-trade, you're going to want to have your bot know this by placing a corresponding (matching) trade.

This way when Crypto Tipster v2 sends a signal to reverse the trade, it will indeed close the open position and enter a trade of the same size in the opposing direction. Without matching initial trades you may end up with a doubled-up position in one direction and no trades occuring in the other.

All you need to do is take a look at the current open position on your Tradingview chart, if Long, you need to enter a Long position when setting up your WunderTrading bot, if Short, enter a Short position, if you've included Stop Losses/Take Profits and Crypto Tipster v2 currently has no trades open then you don't need to worry about making an initial trade in either direction.

In this example you can see that Crypto Tipster v2 has placed a short trade some bars back from the current "real-time" bar.

When we set up our WunderTrading bot we will therefore need to match this short trade by placing a Sell order.

You. Are. Done.

Yay! Congratulations - You've just set up your first auto trading bot with Crypto Tipster v2, Tradingview, WunderTrading and your currency exchange. There was a lot going on there but we hope we helped you along with the process!


If you require any more help or assistance, or if you have any questions or comments to help improve this article, please get in touch either through, Twitter, Tradingview, on or direct at