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Linking Crypto Tipster v2 > PineConnector > MT4/5

Updated: Jan 18

There's no question about it, MetaTrader is one of the world's most popular trading platform. Whether it's forex, CFD's, futures, commodities or indeed crypto that you're into, MetaTrader has been there for nearly 2 decades providing charting and trading tools for users all over the world.

Linking Crypto Tipster v2 signals with the MT4/5 platform was an absolute must for us, without this capability there would be numerous Crypster members missing out on a large part of their crypto trading routine or set-up.

This is why we've written this guide to help you set up and receive our Crypto Tipster v2 signals within your own MetaTrader 4/5 software. Note that we cannot directly link Crypto Tipster v2 Tradingview Alerts with MT4/5 - we need to use a third party "hook" to achieve the link, in this case that third party is a company called PineConnector.


Let's get Set Up

Due to the fact that you want to connect our Crypto Tipster v2 Signals to your MetaTrader platform, we're going to assume you've already got accounts set up with theCrypster, Tradingview and have installed MT4/5 on your PC and set it up with your broker/exchange information.

There's only one account left to create, with PineConnector - these act as the intermediary to handle data from our Crypto Tipster v2 signals on Tradingview, to your MT4/5 platform.

That's the registrations complete, simple! If you do need to set up other accounts we've included some links below to help you get going with the other instruments involved with this tutorial - we don't have enough time in this guide to cover the sign-up / set-up process for each of the steps, check our other articles or our FAQ for more help.

- Join theCrypster

- Join Tradingview

- Download MetaTrader 4

- Download MetaTrader 5

Link PineConnector to MetaTrader

Here's where things a bit awkward, for us at least - PineConnector have done such an outstanding job of detailing how to link to MT4/5, we really believe there is no more information we could add to be of any assistance! Big shout out to the guys at PineConnector here for a tremendous walkthrough guide.

You need to go check out these guides on PineConnector's website - they are superb.

- Click here for MT4 Linking

- Follow this for MT5 Linking

Take your time with these steps and ensure that each one is fully completed and in order, if all goes to plan you will now have linked PineConnector with MetaTrader!


Set Up Crypto Tipster v2 to Handle PineConnector

This step should be reasonably straight forward to get the initial set up complete, but could be a little more involved if you wanted to get more complex trading rules applied to our Crypto Tipster v2 signals.

We're going to presume you've already loaded Crypto Tipster v2 onto your chart layout and set it up how you like it to match your preferred trading style. Click the "Settings" button and let's begin setting things up.

The first thing to do is ensure you tick the "Show Strategy Layout & Set Alerts" box - this will enable Crypto Tipster v2 to be able to set alerts. Next scroll to the bottom and find the "Pine Connector Settings" group.

This is where you're going to have to create your PineConnector code, you can copy several examples straight from the PineConnector website, create your own custom code if you're looking to achieve something a bit more technical, or use our simple examples outlined below.

Make sure you've ticked the "Use PineConnector?" box here - otherwise your signals won't get through!

Buy Message (used when Crypto Tipster v2 shows a Long signal)


Sell Message (used when Crypto Tipster v2 shows a Short signal)


Close Message (used when Crypto Tipster v2 shows a Close signal - usually when using Stop Losses / Take Profits etc.)


**Make sure to change the "LicenseID" field to your own ID provided by PineConnector when you created your account.**

**Make sure to enter the symbol information exactly how it appears within MT4/5 (BTCUSD, for example).**

**Make sure you are not using any Extra Charting Tools or Indicators within Crypto Tipster v2 - these produce their own alert() function calls and could interfere with the smooth running of PineConnector data transfer.**

For a complete list of PineConnector syntax rules, more examples and help with debugging please visit the link below

Pine Connector Syntax Guide

Set some Alerts

Now Crypto Tipster v2 knows we're handling PineConnector we can set the alerts to actually get the trade data to PineConnector. Click the "Alert" button and let's get going!

When creating these Alerts there's a few steps to it, but should be pretty straight forward! Select "Crypto Tipster v2" as the condition with "alert() function calls only". This tells Crypto Tipster to only send data contained within alert() calls, in our case, the PineConnector data we've just set up.

Give the Alert a name, something memorable and descriptive, and switch over to the "Notifications" tab.

Enter the PineConnector webhook information as per the documentation on PineConnector's website and click "Create".

Check the Connection

You should now be set up with Crypto Tipster v2 Alerts through Tradingview, connected to PineConnector, which in turn is connected to your MT4/5 platform.

Let's check if the Tradingview signals are reaching PineConnector. You can easily do this by logging into your PineConnector account and scrolling down to the Signals Log - here you should see data from any Alerts that have been triggered by Crypto Tipster v2 within Tradingview.

If you can see data here, great success! The only part left is to make sure PineConnector is sending the data through to MetaTrader.

PineConnector > MetaTrader

Similar to the articles regarding linking your PineConnector account to MetaTrader earlier, PineConnector have excelled in providing Guides and How-To's regarding problem solving and setting up your EA within MT4/5. We'd recommend checking out this article to finalise a few things before you go live and receive Crypto Tipster v2 signals to your MT4/5 platform!